Job Search


The Education Support Center processes licensure applications after all requirements have been met and all grades and degrees have been posted.  The ESC sends the applications on to the Virginia Department of Education, which may take several months to actually issue the license.  Most school divisions understand that an application for a license is being processed and will still accept and act on an employment application.  However, a few school divisions may ask for a letter of eligibility, and the ESC will provide such a letter on request.  


Career and Academic Planning offers a number of services to students seeking summer jobs, internships, and career positions after graduation.  CAP has an excellent website that is specifically targeted to teacher education students. It also provides information and workshops on creating resumes, establishing teacher application portfolios, and interviewing for teaching positions, as well as providing access to job search databases. Students are encouraged to register to use MadisonTRAK, which uploads resumes to a database that can be accessed by school systems requesting applicants available to be considered for teaching vacancies. 


 NOTE: Career and Academic Planning does not maintain placement/credential files.  Students are responsible for their own application portfolio and should maintain a file of practicum and student teaching evaluations, test scores, transcripts, and letters of recommendation.  Transcripts may be obtained from the Office of the Registrar.


Each spring the Career and Academic Planning sponsors a Teacher Recruitment Day that brings representatives of many school systems to campus.  During this event student teachers can obtain information on many different school systems and may actually participate in several interviews.


Career and Academic Planning is located in Wilson Hall and is open from 8-5, Monday-Friday.  The telephone number is (540) 568-6555.