Observations and practicum placements are vital components of the learning process at JMU.  Contact between students and a school provide a valuable, hands-on professional experience, and enhance the relationship between the university and the community.


We are committed to providing for all candidates rich experiences in diverse settings to support their success in working with all students.  Candidates can expect to be placed in a range of classrooms and educational settings throughout their professional education program that reflect the demographics of our communities and beyond.  All locations used for placements are categorized based on characteristics that reflect diversity, such as socio-economic levels, rural vs. urban designation and diversity of cultures and languages present in the schools. Every attempt is made to provide opportunities for each candidate to experience as broad a spectrum of experiences as possible.  Some of the placements are available within our local city school division and others may be in communities within a commutable distance.  Therefore, candidates need to be aware that travel to schools outside of the immediate community may be required for their program.


Placements do take time as we contact busy principals and teachers for permission to schedule observations and practica. In order to facilitate the process, the Education Support Center maintains detailed information on schools and teachers who support our programs.


All students will need to submit a practicum form to the school office on their first day of practicum.  Click here for a copy of the form. 


Faculty can us the Faculty Practicum Request form to request that the Education Support Center locate placements for their practicum courses. Please email any requests to the Coordinator of Field Experiences.


STUDENTS SHOULD SUBMIT COMPLETED FORMS TO THEIR PROFESSORS, who will then send them to the Education Support Center, MSC 6915.


Please contact the Education Support Center at 540.568.6274 if you have questions.