STUDENTS: You can view your acceptance status by logging into your account in Tk20:  

Students who applied before Jan 1, 2014 and have not purchased a TK20 account can check their status on following website:

NOTE:  The check status website is a place for students to view their records who have not yet subscribed to TK20.  This website is uploaded weekly from TK20, and therefore may not contain the most current information.  TK20 is the main database for records for the ESC and College of Education. Therefore, once you have subscribed to Tk20, it is advised that you login to TK20 to view your records.

Freshmen and transfer students who applied after Jan 1, 2014 will receive a temporary TK20 account to view their status.  Information regarding the temporary Tk20 account will be sent to those students by email after the application deadline each semester.


If you questions regarding your status, please contact


FACULTY and STAFF: Please check your advisee's status in Tk20 by checking his/her Admission to Professional Education on the Details tab under Advisement.  If you have any questions about this screen, please contact