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EFEX Non-Teaching Minors


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Non-Licensure TESOL Minor

Requirements for the Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

Non-teaching Minor

The non-licensure minor program in TESOL is designed for students in various fields who wish to acquire professional knowledge related to teaching English to speakers of other languages, but who do not want to pursue Virginia teaching licensure. 

Students who minor in TESOL will develop an understanding of the U.S. educational system, acquire skills in cross-cultural competence, and become familiar with the processes of first and second language acquisition. 

Students will gain a foundational knowledge of appropriate practices to assist and assess English language learners.  The TESOL non-licensure minor requires a minimum of 18 credit hours; 15 credits are required Core Courses and 3 credits are Electives selected in consultation with the program adviser.

Required Courses Credit Hours:  15

EDUC 300 - Foundations of American Education - 3

EDUC 310 - Teaching in a Diverse Society - 3

TESL 426 - Concepts of 1st /2nd Language Acquisition (Pre-requisite) - 3

TESL 428 - Assessment for Curriculum and Development in ESL Practicum - 3

READ 430 - Development, Assessment and Instruction of Literacy K-12 - 3

Electives:  3 credits (choose one of the following courses; some may have an additional practica requirement)

ENG 308 - Introduction to Linguistics - 3

EDUC 370 - Educational Technology Practicum (Lab Course) - 3

EXED 440 - Classroom Management - 3

READ 435 - Literacy Development for TESOL (has an additional 1 credit practicum - TESL 383) - 3

TESOL 470 - Instructional Strategies for TESOL (has an additional 3 credit practicum - TESL 381) - 3

Contact Information

Program Coordinator:

Dr. Stephanie Wasta     
540.568.5210 (office)
540.568.2589 (fax)     
MSC 6913