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EFEX Non-Teaching Minors


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EXED Non-Teaching Minor

The EFEX Department offers an 18-hour undergraduate minor in exceptional education.  The undergraduate minor is designed for students who wish to acquire professional knowledge related to working with individuals with exceptionalities but who do not want to pursue teacher licensure in special education. The undergraduate non-teaching minor is designed for students from programs outside of EXED (Communication Sciences Disorders, Psychology, Health Sciences, Kinesiology, Social Work, Elementary Education, Secondary Education, etc.).  The minor is not an endorsement or license for working with special education students.

See program requirements below and/or contact the advisor for more information.

Advising Requirements:

√  Students wishing to add the exceptional education minor must complete a 2-module declaration process online wherein they will complete an Student Information Form and develop an approved program of study at the beginning of their coursework.

√  Once the modules have been completed, the EFEX Department will complete the Declaration and forward to the Registrar for processing. 

√  This process could take take 1-2 weeks, depending on how busy the Registrar's Office is at that time. The modules can be accessed through Canvas by completing the survey at the link at the bottom of this page.

√  The minor must be declared no later than the end of the first semester of a student’s Junior Year.

√  Students are encouraged to meet yearly with the minor advisor.

Program Requirements:

√  A total of 18 credits must be completed from the courses listed below.  Twelve (12) credit hours of coursework are required while the other 6 consist of elective courses.  Some electives are open to everyone, while others are only open to those who are IDLS majors and teaching minors.  Please do not confuse the two

√  Students must earn a “C” or better in courses for credits to count towards the minor (grades of “C-” and below do not count). 

EXED 200 is a pre-requisite to all other minor courses except EXED 440, and therefore, must be taken before any other courses.  Courses taken out of sequence without permission from the advisor may not be approved for use toward the minor.

√  All courses MUST be completed by the end of the Spring Semester of the Senior year in order to graduate on time with the minor.




EXED 200 - Foundations of Exceptional Education - 3
(Pre-requisite for all EXED courses. It is offered online in the Summer)

EXED 440 - Classroom Management & Professional Collaboration - 3

Complete only 2 of the following Survey Courses

EXED 310 - Survey of Emotional Disturbance - 3

EXED 320 - Survey of Learning Disabilities - 3

EXED 330 - Survey of Intellectual Disabilities - 3

EXED 375 - Overview Study of Autism Spectrum Disorders - 3
(Permitted only if NOT enrolling in the Autism series (EXED 416, 417, 418)

Survey Courses may not be taken in the place of Electives.




Typically Offered






(A minimum of 6 credit hours must be completed). Only the courses below may count toward elective credit.

Additional characteristics courses (from previous list) may not be used for elective credit. 

                                                                                                                                      Typically Offered
EXED 300 - Educational Technology for Students with Disabilities - 1 Spring
EXED 441 - Functional Applicat. of Low Tech Assistive Technology - 2 Varies
EXED 306 - Lifespan Issues for Individuals with Disabilities - 3 Varies
EXED 401 - Issues in Exceptional Education - 1-3 Varies
TESL 426 - Concepts in First and Second Language Acquisition - 3 Spring
EXED 465 - Perspectives of Early Childhood Special Education - 3 Varies
Autism Certificate: EXED 416 - 3, EXED 417 - 3, EXED 418 - 3 (must complete all three in sequential order. It is NOT necessary to complete other electives.)  [Permitted if not enrolling in EXED 375] 416-417 Fall
418 Spring
Independent Study:  EXED 490 Special Topics - 1-3 (Independent studies must be approved and supervised by individual faculty.) Varies


CSD 420 - Introduction to Sign Language - 3 Contact Department
CSD 421 - Sign Language II - 3 (Pre-requisite is CSD 420) Contact Department
KIN 313 - Adapted Physical Education - 3 (KIN Majors only; Must
take KIN 310 as a co-requisite)
Contact Department

Contact Information
Dr. Laura Desportes

The non-teaching minor declaration process is available for completion online. To begin the process you must complete the following Survey which will grant you access to the declaration process in Canvas.
After you have completed the online process and have submitted the required forms, it could take approx. 1-2 weeks for the declaration process to be completed by our Department and the Registrar so you can enroll in courses.

There will not be a required meeting with the advisor but an advisor will always be available for questions and to provide support as needed.
Any questions or concerns can be addressed to Dr. Desportes.

Please remember to check mymadison after 5-7 business days to see whether your declaration has been processed so that you can begin enrolling in courses.