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SPED K-12 Post Baccalaureate M.A.T.

Accessing the General Curriculum

This program is designed to prepare students to work collaboratively while supporting the K-12 students' with disabilities success in the general academic curriculum.  Students accepted into the post baccalaureate degree M.A.T. in K-12 Special Education graduate with coursework leading to initial licensure in K-12 Special Education accessing the general curriculum.  Coursework includes:

♦     Characteristics of disabling conditions,

♦     Language acquisition,

♦     Reading instruction,

♦     Assessment,

♦     Curriculum and instructional methods,

♦     Classroom and behavior management,

♦     Collaboration,

♦     Transition, and

♦     Assistive technology

Field experiences provide students with the opportunity to learn and practice skills in working with learners with disabilities and their families in a diverse educational setting across grade levels.

Students accepted into Post Bachelor Degree M.A.T. have an earned bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university and meet all admissions requirements for the Graduate School. Completion of the post-bachelor degree M.A.T. program requires a minimum of 30 credit hours and prepares students for initial licensure.   In addition to the required graduate coursework, students may be required to complete co/prerequisite coursework depending upon their prior academic preparation in order to meet licensure requirements. 

The application will open January 15. 
Priority review of applications begins March 1.  
Completed applications should be received at least 6 weeks prior to the start of the Fall semester.  For more information regarding the application process please visit The Graduate School’s website.
COURSE - Full-Time Credits To Be Taken
EXED 502 - Characteristics 3 Fall 1
EXED 612 - Assessment 3 Fall 1
READ 566 - Literacy Acquisition in Young Readers 3 Fall 1
EXED 510 - Behavior 3 Spring 1
MIED 530 - Math 3 Spring 1
EXED 607 - IEP 3 Spring 1
EXED 637 - Practicum IEP/Behavior 2 Spring 1
EXED 504 - Specialized Reading 3 Summer 1
EXED 520 - Differentiation 3 Summer 1
EXED 503 - Technology 1 Summer 1
EXED 613 - Methods 3 Fall 2
EXED 610 - Practicum 3 Fall 2
EXED 615 - Transition 3 Fall 2
EXED 650 - Student Teaching 4 Spring 2
EXED 650 - Student Teaching 4 Spring 2

Program Director:

Dr. Dani Allen-Bronaugh