Technology Committee


This college committee is composed of the Director of the Computing Support, Director of Educational Technology and Media Center, Faculty member from each department in the college/unit, Director of Assessment or designate, others as assigned by the dean and a student representative..


  • Deliberate on technology matters and forward recommendations to the Dean and College Administrative Council on improvements that would enhance the quality of our programs.
  • Support faculty implementation and modeling of educational technologies
    • Recommend appropriate technology for faculty use
    • Offer professional development for faculty on technology
  • Create the College of Education Technology Plan
    • Review and revise the plan annually
  • Review and make recommendations related to the purchase of computing hardware and software.
  • Review & Align College of Education technologies with JMU standards and practices.
    • Regular communication with JMU Information Technology
    • JMU Media Resources
      • Technology Classrooms Group
    • Center for Instructional Technology
  • Assist with the coordination of technologies within the College of Education
    • Educational Technology & Media Center
    • Computing Support
    • Assessment group
    • All Departments
  • Support College of Education programs in their alignment with professional technology standards,
    • International Society for Technology in Education
    • Virginia Department of Education
    • (Adult & Human Resource…)
    • (Military Science…)