Student Support and
Advisement Committee


This unit committee is composed of an assistant or associate dean), one faculty representative from each of the College’s departments, a representative from the Education Support Center, a representative of the Professional Education Programs outside of the College of Education, and two student representatives (one undergraduate, one graduate).  The Associate/Assistant Dean will serve as committee chair to hear Admission, Retention, and Exit (A,R,&E) appeals.  The A,R,& E subcommittee includes all members of the Student Support and Advisement Committee except students. 


  • Work with COE faculty and administrators to develop a cohesive advising and support structure for students enrolled in any COE major or program of study.
  • Review admission and retention requirements to Professional Education Unit programs of study (undergraduate and graduate).
  • Provide appropriate due process procedures for student appeals of admission or retention decisions. 
  • Monitor admissions and retention data (in coordination with Assessment Committee).
  • Review and develop resources to enhance the advising processes among PEU faculty and students. 
  • Report to the PECC regularly.