Professional Education Coordinating Council

The Professional Education Coordinating Council (PECC) is the official governing body within the university responsible for the preparation of teachers and other school personnel. The membership of the PECC includes the coordinators or representatives of all initial licensure and advanced study programs in education, representative from the IDLS major, and the directors of the Education Support Center and the Educational Technology and Media Center. The Dean of the College of Education serves ex officio as head of the Professional Education Unit. The Associate Dean for Academic Programs serves as the chair of PECC.

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  • This unit committee is made up of the members of the Professional Education Leadership Group, the COE Department Heads (not including Military Science), the Director of the ETMC, the Director of IDLS, chairs of PEU committees, a student representative and Coordinators (or their designees) of the following Unit components – art education, music education, health & physical education, foreign languages, school counseling, school psychology, and speech communications. The PECC serves as a forum for advising the Dean of The College of Education who serves as the head of the teacher education unit on such matters as program planning, implementation, and evaluation; availability and allocation of resources; faculty evaluation, recognition, and compensation; and policy development and implementation. Minutes of the meeting will be the responsibility of the secretary of the Associate Dean for Programs & Faculty who chairs the committee.


  • Serves as the primary governing body for the Professional Education Unit (PEU)
  • Advises the head of the Unit concerning all matters affecting professional education programs at JMU. 
  • Gathers information from available sources and make recommendations to the head of the professional education unit and to other administrative personnel of the university for the purpose of maintaining viable, healthy, and effective professional education programs at JMU.
  • Regularly reviews data related to candidate performance and unit operation for purposes of making data based decision making across the teacher education unit
  • Provides oversight and guidance for all teacher education and related professional preparation programs for the university
  • Provides guidance and leadership regarding compliance and congruence with standards and requirements set forth by relevant accrediting agencies (NCATE, VDOE, learned societies)