Competency Ten

The educational professional is a reflective practitioner who continually evaluates the effects of educational choices and actions and uses that understanding to adjust teaching, seek support, develop professionally, and improve educational practice based on such reflection.

Effective teachers and other educational professionals reflect on their practice and actions; teachers reflect on teaching and student responses to identify what was successful and what was unsuccessful, and then modify and refine their own teaching practices. Planning, implementing and evaluating instruction reflects individual student’s cues and the results of action research.  Other school professionals reflect on their respective practices and actions, especially how practice relates to student learning and success.

The effective educational professional is flexible and adapts to changing or unexpected instructional situations.  Effective educational professionals have realistic understandings of their own strengths and weaknesses and implement suggestions for improvement.  Professional educators understand the need for and value of continuing professional development and seek out professional growth opportunities through professional literature, advanced degrees or courses, discussions with colleagues, meetings, and workshops, and other appropriate venues.