Curriculum Development, Implementation and Review Committee


This college committee is composed of one faculty representative to address graduate and undergraduate issues from each COE department, an advisory council non-departmental representative (i.e., ETMC, ESC, a faculty senator, the college’s Carrier Library liaison, and a student selected by the Student Government Association The Advisory Council and student representatives and the faculty senator may serve one-year terms consecutively..



  • Deliberate on curriculum matters and forward recommendations to the Dean and College Advisory Council on improvements that would enhance the quality of our programs.  (Included here is attention to matters of diversity as represented in curricula.)
  • Monitor the College's undergraduate and graduate curriculum, acting upon all course and program proposals.
  • Review undergraduate and graduate proposals of other College curriculum bodies, IDLS and General Education for potential impact on COE curriculum, responding when appropriate.
  • Monitor and act upon all graduate faculty applications.
  • Represent the College, its departments and programs at University Graduate Council, forwarding reactions and recommendations through the Dean to the University’s Graduate Council, as warranted.
  • Administer the COE library acquisitions request process; submitting requests in accordance with resource availability and annual college goals and objectives.
  • Serve as the body to solicit proposals and make recommendations to the Dean regarding college-wide course development, implementation and evaluation. 
  • Offer support to department heads and faculty administering, teaching and assessing courses across departments and programs.