Assessment Committee


This unit committee is composed of no less than nine members--one faculty representative from each COE department, the Director of Assessment and Evaluation, the Data Management Specialist, a representative from the Education Support Center, and (at least) one representative from professional education programs outside the college  This committee will be chaired by the Director of Assessment and Evaluation.


  • Work with the Director of Assessment and Evaluation to design, implement and evaluate a unit assessment system that is congruent with institutional and accreditation needs. 
  • Representatives serve as liaisons to their programs and are responsible for ensuring that programs are collecting, reporting, analyzing and using data to document that candidates have the necessary knowledge, skills and dispositions outlined in the conceptual framework.
  • Develop assessment processes focused on key functions of the college/unit and for analyzing aggregated data and making appropriate recommendations to the COE or PECC for any needed action.
  • Regularly review and report/distribute data to appropriate programs and/or governing bodies in the teacher education unit
  • Report regularly to the PECC.