Emily Long

Emily Long"This past May I was given the opportunity to complete an independent study international practicum.  I have been to Romania several times and had heard of a school called Bucharest Christian Academy (BCA).  I knew several people who worked there and decided to e-mail them in the fall to see if I could come and teach for a few weeks.  They were quite excited to have me!  Bucharest Christian Academy is a small Christian school for missionary children and ex-patriots located in Bucharest, Romania.  I was there for four weeks and was given the opportunity to teach fourth, fifth and sixth graders.  I taught the fourth graders final math unit and I taught science to all three grades.  I learned several techniques and ideas that I plan to use in my classroom...each day we began with a morning meeting.  This was a fantastic way to get the students moving, thinking and simply awake.  It usually involved a greeting, a fun activity, a time for sharing and announcements for the rest of the day.  They also used this time to touch on subjects that they were not going to have time to teach during the day.  The students loved this time and I felt it was a great way to start the day."

"This experience taught me to appreciate simple materials such as masking and clear tape, sticky notes, and washable markers.  These simple pleasures are often not available overseas.  Lastly, this experience makes me want to be a full time teacher overseas.  I really enjoyed the challenge that being overseas brings.  I think differently about how I plan my lessons and how I engage my students.  I hope to one day teach overseas.  I don’t know if I will return to BCA but I do hope to have the opportunity to show students how much fun learning can be.  Many students whose parents are missionaries are not getting the best education they can; I hope to change that."

Emily Long, ('10, '11M)

Emily is from Roanoke, Virginia with an Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies major and a minor in Elementary Education.