Green County M.Ed. Cohort

Green County Cohort


"I had the privilege of attending the last meeting of Marianne's class tonight at Ruckersville Elementary School. This was the absolute last class meeting for our Greene County M.Ed. cohort. They presented their semester-long (although some have been working on these for over a year) internship projects, and Marianne arranged for a reception with cake, etc. This meeting was also attended by our own Mark Keeler, as well as the principal and reading specialist from Greene Primary School."

"Their projects were astonishing, and Marianne's guidance was so clearly evident in their success and in their gratitude toward her for supporting their efforts this semester. I was overwhelmed by their growth, their professionalism, and their positive feelings about our program. Student after student used the word "bittersweet" as they talked about next week's graduation."

"As I said, the projects--real projects that created change in their schools--were amazing. The Greene County newspaper wrote an article featuring JMU students, Jan Helmuth and Jennifer Lamm. The article features an event they held to contribute to their project for the course, which was to create a bookroom of multi-genre, multi-leveled texts to be used school wide by teachers in an effort to differentiate reading instruction and support student engagement in content-rich reading. In all, and including the event featured in this article, they raised over $27,000 to create this collection. Like I said, AMAZING. Congratulations to Marianne for a job well done this semester in Greene!"

Dr. Gay Ivey
April 27, 2011