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Annual Faculty Scholars

Annual Faculty Scholars are awarded by businesses generally through marketing funds. They support individual faculty members chosen by the dean of the College of Business and department heads. Giving for these funds starts at $5,000 annually for five years.

Beers and Cutler. Current Holder: Dr. Robert C. Richardson

Cherry, Bekaert & Holland. Current Holder: Dr. Michael P. Riordan

Deloitte Touche. Current Holder: Dr. David C. Hayes

Frank & Company. Current Holder: Dr. Charles P. Baril

Goodman and Goodman. Current Holder: Dr. John W. Briggs

Grant Thorton. Current Holder: Dr. Diane A. Riordan

Hantzmon Wiebel & Company. Current Holder: Dr. Brad M. Roof

Johnson Lambert & Company. Current Holder: Dr. Sandra J. Cereola

NVR / Ryan Homes. Current Holders: Dr. Michael E. Busing & Mr. Robert McMillen

PBGH. Current Holder: Dr. David R. Fordham

Robinson Farmer Cox. Current Holder: Dr. William VanDenburgh

Rothenberger. Current Holders: Dr. Kenneth Bahn and Ms. Carol Hamilton

Veris Consulting. Current Holder: Molly G. Brown