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CoB 300 

What is COB 300?

Integration Among Disciplines
In COB 300, you learn to approach business as a process made up of different skill sets, different functions and different activities that all come together as you strive to reach your goals and make a difference in your organization, your local community, and the world-wide community. 

COB 300 is about interdependency between disciplines. In COB 300 we do things in ways to make conspicuous how the business disciplines relate to one another.

Professional Development
Professionalism is driven by passion and compassion for others, maturity, self-discipline and competence in business practices. COB 300 helps you become self-aware and take personal responsibility, to work as an effective team member, to develop professional discipline and competence with integrity; and to do it all with the understanding that as a business person your job is to serve the greater community.

Immersion in the Language of Business
You learn to speak the language of business, which includes finance, management, marketing and operations. As a business person you’ve got to get used to it; get comfortable with it. 

COB 300 and the College of Business immerses us in the language of business, and we use this language to test theories, apply them competently, become an effective business communicators and a skilled, disciplined professionals.

How does COB 300 represent our philosophy of business education?

In one semester we put it all together.

Four expert instructors. Four disciplines. 12 credit hours. A unique, integrated curriculum. 

It’s team work. Individual work. A taste of the real world. 

It involves planning, organizing, executing. We question, analyze, and make decisions. We measure value against risk and reward. 

It’s experiential. It’s immersion in the business process. 

Real-world skills. Real-world challenges. Real-world results.

What do faculty say?

No pain. No gain. CoB 300 applies this truth.

"We learn the fundamentals of business, teamwork skills, and develop an entrepreneurial perspective, all of which are in great demand in today’s business world."
Dr. Wilson Liu, Finance and business law

"CoB 300 lets the overlap that actually exists in business to happen in the classroom and become a productive learning experience. It’s an integrative course bringing together management, marketing, operations and finance to understand how one relates to the other to achieve a final business objective."
Carol Hamilton, Management