Scholarship Overview

This scholarship is intended to benefit a potential or present outstanding, full-time student(s) with a Bachelor of Business Administration major that has a financial need.

To find out more, or to apply, visit the CoB Scholarships page, or call 540-568-3035.

Need Based

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility Requirements

  • Preference may be given to an entering outstanding freshman student(s) with financial need and who has declared a Bachelor of Business Administration major. 
  • The scholarship could be renewed for a maximum of ten full-time semesters including any transfer credits as long as the student remains eligible.
  • A scholarship selection committee appointed by the Dean of the College of Business will annually recommend the scholarship recipient(s) to the university’s director of scholarships. 
  • To be considered for the Bilbrey, Busing, Reid, Tansky & Teer Endowed Beta Gamma Sigma Scholarship, an applicant must satisfy the specified conditions listed above.

Special application requirements

This scholarship specifies a “need component”. To be eligible you MUST HAVE A CURRENT FAFSA on-file with the James Madison University Office of Financial Aid.

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