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March 23, 2011

Senior finance major Kelly Maguire knows how important the "Bloomberg Businessweek" rankings are to undergraduate students. Looking back on her decision to come to James Madison University, she said, "I actually used 'Businessweek' in my decision process when I was deciding between other schools I had applied to in Virginia."

As a graduating senior she is thrilled, but not surprised, to learn that JMU jumped significantly in the 2011 rankings.

JMU's business school ranked 28th in the country among public and private undergraduate business schools according to "Bloomberg Businessweek's" sixth annual rankings (formerly "BusinessWeek"). In 2010 the business school ranked 41st and in 2008, 54th. This year among public institutions JMU's College of Business ranks 11th.

"Businessweek" develops their rankings based on student and recruiter survey results and institutional data such as median starting salary and SAT scores. JMU received straight "As" in teaching quality, facilities and services and job placement.

Dr. Robert Reid, dean of the College of Business, said, "JMU’s rise to 28th overall and 11th among public universities in the 'Businessweek' rankings reflects the dedication and exceptional effectiveness of our faculty and staff, and the positive results of engagement with students in the learning process."

Maguire couldn't agree more. She credits the Integrated Functional Systems class (COB 300), the small class sizes in her major and Recruit-a-Duke program for helping her secure a summer internship that led to a job offer from Deloitte Consulting. "My first assignment this past summer in my internship was to create a flow chart for a manager," said Maguire. "This task was simple for me as I had taken a course in operations during COB 300 that had given me exposure to flow charts."

The "Businessweek" survey results from recruiters helped boost JMU's overall ranking this year. "Corporate recruiters that hire our graduates have provided very positive feedback that they highly value the quality of our graduates and the positive impact that the graduates have in the professional work environment," said Reid.

"JMU has unparalleled recruitment services," said Maguire. "Using Recruit-A-Duke was a huge part of what enabled me to obtain an internship in the financial arena this past summer and eventually receive multiple full-time job offers in the first semester of my senior year."

For a detailed view of the 2011 rankings see"Bloomberg Businessweek."
For more information see the College of Business.

‘BusinessWeek’ ranks JMU’s College of Business in Top 5 Percent

March 21, 2007

HARRISONBURG – James Madison University’s College of Business ranks in the top 5 percent of undergraduate business schools in the nation, according to the March edition of “BusinessWeek” magazine. JMU ranks No. 51 overall and No. 22 among public universities.

“BusinessWeek” surveyed 130 schools in 2007, an increase from last year’s inaugural rankings when 90 universities participated. JMU also ranked in the top 5 percent in 2006.

Rankings were calculated based on five criteria: student surveys, recruiter surveys, academic quality, starting salaries and the number of graduates accepted to the top 35 Master of Business Administration programs in the country.

JMU’s College of Business placed No. 28 in student rankings, receiving “A+” grades from students in the categories of teaching quality, facilities and services. Job placement also ranked high in student responses. Among public universities, JMU ranked No. 10 in the student survey section. The University of Virginia is the only Virginia school to place higher in the student survey section at No. 4.

JMU’s College of Business continues to attract national attention for its integrated approach to business. The College is one of 38 schools recently given “premier school” status with the accounting firm KPMG, and JMU graduates helped the school rank No. 25 in the nation on performance on the Uniform Certified Public Accountant Examinations in 2006.

“Corporations are competing to hire JMU College of Business graduates,” said Dr. Robert D. Reid, dean of the College of Business. “The College strives for excellence and innovation to prepare students for a highly competitive business market.”


For more info on BusinessWeek rankings, go to www.businessweek.com/bschools/07/undergrad/




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