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International Programs

Students in the JMU marketing program have many opportunities for study abroad. Eleven percent of JMU College of Business majors - almost three times the national average - participate in international programs. Such participation may be partially explained by the wide-array of international programs offered to undergraduate students; varying from summer programs, short-term abroad programs and semester long programs.

The JMU Office of International Programs (OIP) supports a variety of JMU faculty led programs in places like London, England, Salamanca, Spain and Florence, Italy. Student exchange programs are available with our partner institutions in places like Australia, England, Egypt, Japan, Morocco, South Korea, Spain, Sweden or the United Arab Emirates. Please contact the JMU Office of International Programs for more information.

  • JMU in Antwerp:  One prominent international program available for JMU marketing students is to participate in the COB 300 Antwerp, Belgium program. Each spring and fall semesters, thirty-two College of Business students complete their required COB 300 coursework, as well as earn a concentration in European business, while living in Belgium. During their stay, students will visit various businesses, governmental institutions and cultural sites around Europe. Those interested in the Antwerp program should contact Mert Tokman (Program Director) at        
  • JMU Summer Semester in Beijing:  Marketing students may also benefit from participating in the JMU summer semester in Beijing. During the summer program students earn a Chinese Business Studies Minor while studying in important business and cultural centers across the People's Republic of China. For more information on the Chinese summer program, contact Ping Wang (Program Director) at            
  • JMU Summer in Antwerp:  The summer study abroad program in Antwerp is offering a special six-week session in Belgium.  Participants will study global marketing and international logistics and complete six credit hours.  Students will take their courses at the historic University of Antwerp.  The program of study includes trips to Turkey (Istanbul and Athens), Greece (Island of Mykanos and Anthens), Spain (Barcelona and Cava Vineyard area) and , of course, Belgium (Brussels, Brugge/Ze Brugge, Loeven).  The group will visit businesses, governmental institutions and cultural sites as part of the program.  In addition, the students will have three free weekends to explore European cities on their own.  Those interested in the Antwerp Summer program should contact Mert Tokman (Program Director) at