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College of Business - Marketing Concentrations


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The marketing curriculum at JMU offers students an opportunity to choose a marketing concentration to provide further focus within marketing studies. Students are encouraged to use Career and Academic Planning to determine personal strengths that match up with needed skills in various marketing careers. Faculty can also advise students on how to match selection of a concentration to desired career opportunities. A review of each concentration is below; the Marketing Major Checklist provides additional information regarding specific required courses and electives.

General Marketing

This concentration maximizes students’ opportunities to customize a degree that will prepare them for a preferred career path. Students will choose four of the following marketing electives.

MKTG 386. Services Marketing

MKTG 388. Retail Marketing

MKTG 405. Survey Research

MKTG 450. Business Marketing

MKTG 460. Global Marketing

MKTG 465. CRM Technology for Sales Professionals

MKTG 466. Advanced Selling

MKTG 470. Strategic Internet Marketing

MKTG 477. Internet Marketing Practicum

MKTG 480. Product Development and Management

MKTG 490. Special Studies in Marketing

MKTG 499C. Honors

Sales and Business Marketing Concentration

This concentration prepares students for careers in sales that focus on business customers and, in most cases, on the selling of relatively large ticket items.

Courses in this concentration build on the content of MKTG 430. Students should complete this course as soon as possible after completing COB 300. Students will complete of the following two required marketing electives in addition to two electives of their choice.

MKTG 450. Business Marketing

MKTG 465. CRM Technology for Sales Professionals

Marketing Information Systems Concentration

Information technologies play an integral role in most marketing campaigns. This concentration prepares students to facilitate the use of these technologies by marketing teams. This concentration also prepares students for careers in technology sales or consulting.

While students who take this concentration are released from taking one marketing elective and may count COB 204 toward completion of the CIS minor, they should be aware that this concentration requires the completion of 15 credit hours beyond what is normally required to receive the marketing degree. Declaration of this concentration does not guarantee admission to the CIS minor.

Students are required to complete the CIS minor and three marketing electives of their choice.  No specific electives are required, but MKTG 465 and MKTG 470 may be particularly good matches for this concentration.

Declaring a Concentration

Marketing majors must declare one of the above named concentrations.  The Marketing Major Checklist provides detailed information on the courses required for each concentration.  To declare a marketing concentration, contact Ms. Marsha Shenk, Academic Services Center Marketing Advisor,, ZSH 217, 540-568-8782.