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The business to business marketing concentration is designed for marketing majors who wish a more in-depth review of the issues facing businesses that market products and services to other businesses and organizations. This concentration will focus on the development of knowledge and problem-solving skills relating to business segmentation and buying processes, product and channel development and professional selling, and sales management.

Students interested in sales and sales management may be responsible for increasing sales and if successful will advance to assume management responsibilities. Product development deals with marketing related to a specific product. Activities may involve planning and development, production and distribution, direct marketing and other types of promotion. The business to business marketing concentration is the ideal concentration for a job in sales, customer service, account management and product development.

Required Courses
Credit Hours
MKTG 384. Integrated Marketing Communications
MKTG 385. Buyer Behavior
MKTG 430. Professional Selling
MKTG 450. Business Marketing
MKTG 480. Product Development and Management
MKTG 482. Database Marketing
MKTG 485. Marketing Management
Choose two marketing elective from the following:
     MKTG 386. Services Marketing
     MKTG 405. Survey Research  
     MKTG 430. Special Studies in Marketing
     MKTG 440. Retail Strategy and Buying
     MKTG 460. Global Marketing  
     MKTG 494. Marketing Internship  

Students choosing this concentration will be able to:

  • Differentiate between business to business and business to consumer marketing concepts, theories, and processes
  • Explain the nature of business to business marketing, including buying processes, buyingMarketing studetns behavior of channel members, segmentation schema, demand analysis, and sales forecasting in business to business contexts
  • Differentiate between the global and domestic perspectives of the business to business marketplace
  • Review the interpersonal dynamics of business to business buying behavior
  • Explain the role of strategic innovation and new product development and management in business to business contexts
  • Engage in new concept generation and business potential analysis of the new concepts
  • Use appropriate research process techniques to identify critical problem areas, design data collection methods, collect and analyze data, and synthesize conclusions relevant to solving business to business problems
  • Develop historical market analyses of competing products in business to business contexts
  • Develop business to business marketing strategies using market segmentation and targeting, product positioning, and market programming
  • Identify business partner channel management issues
  • Discuss the role of advertising, sales promotion, and professional selling in business to business contexts
  • Define the sales process and list, describe, and demonstrate all major steps of professional selling in the correct sequence

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