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Dr. William Wales

Dr. William Wales

Assistant Professor of Management

Office: 542 Zane Showker Hall 
hone: (540) 568-4375
Mailing address: JMU, College of Business, MSC 205, Harrisonburg, VA 22807


The world is in desperate need of entrepreneurs. Today roughly 6.4 billion human beings share our planet. This number is projected to grow to over 9.0 billion by the year 2050. The necessary allocation and management of finite resources just to sustain human existence will be staggering. The goal of improving the quality of life, especially in the neediest locations, will require a determined effort beyond the comprehension of even the single smartest person alive. Think of the systems required for providing clean water, available food, peaceful conflict resolution, communication, education, transportation, health care and shelter to nine billion people, along with the required energy to get it done. The challenges are great. But so are the opportunities. Students in my classes will learn the theoretical basis behind the entrepreneurial problem-solving process of converting innovative ideas into sources of new societal value.  They will learn how to unleash their creative potential to solve the important problems they encounter within their personal lives, their communities, and the global world we all share.

Ph.D. – Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Lally School of Management & Technology – Management; Specialization in Entrepreneurship

M.S. – Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute – Industrial & Management Engineering

B.S. – Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute – Information Technology

Research and Professional Interests:
Entrepreneurship & Innovation
Small Business Management

Current Courses Taught:
MGT 372 – Entrepreneurship
MBA 605 – Entrepreneurship and Venture Creation 

Key Publications:
Covin, J. G., & Wales, W. J. (2012). The Measurement of Entrepreneurial Orientation. Entrepreneurship: Theory & Practice, 36(4), 677-702.

Wales, W. J., Monsen, E., & McKelvie, A. (2011). The Organizational Pervasiveness of Entrepreneurial Orientation. Entrepreneurship: Theory & Practice, 35(5), 895-923.

Wales, W. J., Parida, V., & Patel, P. (forthcoming). Too Much of a Good thing? Absorptive Capacity, Firm Performance, and the Moderating Role of Entrepreneurial Orientation. Strategic Management Journal. 

Hornsby, J. S., Holt, D. T., Kuratko, D. F., & Wales, W. J., (forthcoming). Assessing a Measurement of Organizational Preparedness for Corporate Entrepreneurship. Journal of Product Innovation Management.

Wales, W. J., Patel, P., Parida, V., & Kreiser, P. (forthcoming). Non-linear Effects of Entrepreneurial Orientation on Small Firm Performance: The Moderating Role of Resource Orchestration Capabilities. Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal.

Wales, W. J., Gupta, V., & Mousa, F. (forthcoming). Empirical Research on the EO Construct: An Assessment and Suggestions for Future Research. International Small Business Journal.

Lumpkin, G. T., Wales, W. J., & Ensley, M. D. (2007). Assessing the Context for Corporate Entrepreneurship: The Role of Entrepreneurial Orientation. In T. Habbershon & M. Rice (Eds.), Praeger Perspectives on Entrepreneurship, Vol. 3.

Positions Held:
Center for Entrepreneurship – Board Member and Director of Research

Campus and Community Involvement:
COB Center for Entrepreneurship

My work experience includes working for a small-medium sized fuel cell research and development company, Plug Power, a large multinational corporation, GE Power Systems, and a governmental agency, the US Air force Research Laboratories Information Directorate. 

Personal interests: 
In my spare time I enjoy traveling, recreational sports, and lending a hand to those in need. I enjoy adventure sports and have been skydiving and white water rafting on several occasions