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Becoming a Mgt Major

Only those students who have been formally admitted to the College of Business will be considered for admission into the Management Program.

Step One - Applying to the University

To be admitted in the Management Major, you must first be admitted to James Madison University. Admission to the university is competitive. We receive applications from students representing over 2,000 different high schools. Because high school programs and grading systems vary widely, the secondary program cannot be rigidly prescribed. However, in general, we expect candidates for admission will have completed college preparatory courses in English, mathematics, natural science, social science and foreign language. For more information on how to apply to the University, please visit the JMU Admissions Page.

Step Two - Applying to The College of Business

Students majoring in Management must apply for admission to the College of Business.  If you are admitted to JMU and indicate a preference for a major in the College of Business, you will not automatically be admitted to the College of Business. You must formally apply for admission to the college before majoring in a CoB program. You may submit an application for admission after successfully completing 45 credit hours and while taking the 100- and 200-level B.B.A. courses and their prerequisites.

Admission to the CoB is competitive. At a minimum, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Complete all 100- and 200-level B.B.A. core courses and their prerequisites.
  • Earn a cumulative grade point average of 2.700 (unrounded) on COB 191, COB 202, COB 204, COB 218, COB 241, COB 242, COB 291, ECON 201, and GECON 200. Full details available at: http://www.jmu.edu/cob/asc/admission.shtml
  • Complete at least 56 credit hours.

Final admission decisions are based on resources. The total number of students admitted will be no greater than can be effectively supported with available instructional resources.  Admission to the CoB permits you to enroll in COB 300 and be formally admitted to the Management major.

Step Three - Declaration of a Management Major

If you are a current JMU student seeking to change your current major to Management, you must be in good standing, meaning you must have a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or higher on the date you submit a Change or Declaration of Major form, which is available in the offices of all CoB academic programs. For more information, visit the B.B.A. Web site.

The policy does not apply to first year students or transfer students during their first semester at JMU. This policy does not supersede the requirements stipulated for enrollment in COB 300 or junior-level courses in CoB major programs, nor does it supersede admission requirements for specific academic programs in the college.

Step Four - Selecting a Concentration

You can be a Management Major or select a concentration in Human Resource Management or Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship (TIE).