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Dr. William Ritchie, III

Bill Ritchie

Associate Professor of Management

When started working at JMU: 2008

Office: 540.568.3421
Cell Phone: 239.218.9759
Fax: 540.568.2754
Email: ritchiwj@jmu.edu
Mailing address: JMU, College of Business, MSC 205, Harrisonburg, VA 22807


Ph.D.: Florida State University, Strategic Management, 2001
    Support Area: Research Methods
M.B.A.: Florida State University, 1991
    Concentration: International Management
B.S.: University of South Florida, 1987
     Major: Finance

Professional Interests: 
Nonprofit Organization Performance Measurement, Management Standards, Survey Design & Validation

Personal Interests:
Cycling, Jogging, and snow skiing with my children

Current courses taught:
Strategic Management, Financial/Quality Management 

Key Publications:

Marlin, D., Ritchie, W., & Geiger, S. (In press) Hospital Foundation Strategy and Performance Relationship, Nonprofit Management & Leadership 

Mousa, F., Marlin, D. and Ritchie, W.J. (In Press). The Organizational Slack and IPO Performance Relationship. Management Decision.  

Rowe & Dato-on (2013), the authors of Nonprofit Management: Text and Cases adopted cases Mote Aquaculture Park (Ritchie & Michaels, 2006) and Elephant Walk Thru (Ritchie et al., 2005), published by Ivey.

Ritchie, W.J., Fornaciari, C., Drew, S., & Marlin, D. (2012) Team Culture and Business Strategy Simulation Performance. Journal of Management Education.

Ritchie, W.J., Melnyk, S. (2012) The Impact of Emerging Institutional Norms on Adoption Timing Decisions: Evidence from C-TPAT - a Government Antiterrorism Initiative. Strategic Management Journal.

Ritchie, W.J., Cavazos, D., Barnard, J. & White, C. (2012) The Ancient Hebrew Culture: Illustrations of Modern Strategic Management Concepts in Action. Business History. DOI 10.1080/00076791.2012.692076.

 Jones, T., Weeks, S. & Ritchie, W.J. (2012) Property Taxes: Are Owners Getting Their Money’s Worth? Journal of Business Cases and Applications

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Morgan, Sherlock, & Ritchie, W.J. (2010) Job Satisfaction in the Home Health Care Context: Validating a Customized Instrument for Application. Journal of Healthcare Management January/February.

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Van Auken, S., Wells, M. & Ritchie, W.J. (2007) Marketing Skill vs. Knowledge: Scale Purification Using Confirmatory Factor Analysis. International Journal of Marketing.

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Ritchie, W.J. & Eastwood, K. (2005). Finding the Perfect Partner:  Comparing Hofstede’s Dimensions with Organizational Culture for International Joint Venture Compatibility. Journal of Global Business

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Simmonds, P., Dawley, D., Ritchie, W.J., and Anthony, W.P. (2001).  Knowledge Transfer from the Academy (the Academic Environment) to Practicing Managers.  The Journal of Managerial Issues

Positions held: 
James Madison University (2008-present), Associate Professor of Management

Florida Gulf Coast University (2001-2008), Associate Professor of Management

Florida State University (1997-2001), Doctoral Student and Strategic Management Instructor

The Navigators, Belaya Tserkov, Ukraine (1996-1997), Resident Team Leader/Small Business Instructor

St. Petersburg College (1991-1996), Development Office/Capital Campaign Consultant/Adjunct Instructor

Central Asian Resources Corporation (1991-1992), President

Barnett Bank of Florida (1988-1989), Commercial Credit Analyst

Northwestern Mutual Life (1987-1988)