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Thank you for your interest in the Management Program at James Madison University.

The Management Program offers a curriculum leading to the Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a major in Management.  Management majors are exposed to information, exercises, cases, and assignments designed to enhance leadership skills, critical thinking, and analytical decision-making abilities. Students gain a basic understanding of how to apply key managerial concepts and theories in the contemporary work environment, how to integrate the functional areas of an organization and understand and appreciate human resource policies and procedures used by organizations and managers. JMU's Management curriculum focuses on technical skills, the ability to work well with people, and the ability to analyze and solve complex problems.  Depending on the concentration, the major in management prepares graduates for entry‑level jobs in large, medium and small profit and non‑profit organizations, as well as government.  The Management major prepares graduates for jobs in industries such as manufacturing, consulting, retail, banking, public utilities, personal services, pharmaceutical products, consumer products, restaurants and insurance, as well as small and family businesses.  Students who have completed their lower-level business requirements must formally apply for admission to the College of Business. Students interested in pursuing a business major are encouraged to begin taking lower‑level business courses as early as possible.

The Management Program offers a program leading to the Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a major in Management. 

The general Management Major is designed for students who prefer to remain broad-based in their selection of courses. This major offers the student the flexibility and opportunity to fashion an academic program based upon career interests and future plans.

Management majors choose from two concentrations depending on their area of interest:

Human Resource Management Concentration
The concentration in human resource management is designed for the management major who desires to concentrate in the human resource aspects of work force recruitment and utilization. This concentration focuses on the development of knowledge and problem-solving skills within the component areas of human resource management.

Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship Concentration
The concentration in Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship is intended to prepare students for entrepreneurially-oriented careers. The educational approach will be broad-based and designed for students who seek careers in small businesses, as well as those who aspire to be entrepreneurs in corporate settings. The concentration will provide the theoretical framework and practical skills required for entrepreneurial success in organizations of all sizes

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