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Robert Kolodinsky

Bob Kolodinsky

Associate Professor
Director, Gilliam Center for Free Enterprise and Ethical Leadership

Office: 644 Zane Showker Hall 
Phone:  540) 568-3014
Email: kolodirw@jmu.edu




Ph.D. - Florida State University - Bus Admin. (Org. Behavior/Human Resources Management)
M.S./Ed.S. - Florida State University - Counseling and Human Systems (Career Development)
B.A. - Albright College - Business Economics (major); Accounting (minor)

Current Courses Taught:
MGT 375 - Business Ethics and Social Responsibility
MGT 498 - Social Entrepreneurship 
MBA 600 - Organizational Behavior
MBA 667 - Business Ethics and Social Responsibility

International Courses Taught through JMU:
Business Ethics and CSR (Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, India)
Organizational Behavior (Northeastern University of China, Shenyang)

Professional Interests:
Business ethics and corporate social responsibility, social influence and leadership effectiveness, workplace values (materialism; spirituality), and social entrepreneurship.

Dr. Kolodinsky is an author of articles published in such journals as Journal of Management, Journal of Vocational Behavior, Human Relations, Journal of Business Ethics, and Journal of Business and Psychology, and papers on which he was the primary author have won Best Paper awards at academic conferences. He also is one of the primary instructors in the United Nations Demining Program (UNDP) Senior Managers Course, a five-week program that enriches the management skills of senior managers from countries struggling with the problems associated with land mine removal and civil unrest.

Key Recent Publications:
Bierly, P.E., Kolodinsky, R.W., & Charette, B.J. (in press). Understanding the complex relationship between creativity and ethical ideologies. Journal of Business Ethics.

Kolodinsky, R.W., Giacalone, R.A., & Jurkiewicz, C.L. (2008).  Workplace Values and Outcomes:  Exploring Personal, Organizational, and Interactive Workplace Spirituality. Journal of Business Ethics, 81(2), 465-480.

Miller, B.K., Rutherford, M., & Kolodinsky, R.W. (2008). Outcomes associated with perceptions of organizational politics: A meta-analysis. Journal of Business & Psychology, 22: 209-222.

Kolodinsky, R.W., Treadway, D., & Ferris, G.R. (2007).  Political skill and influence effectiveness: Testing portions of an expanded Ferris and Judge (1991) model. Human Relations, 60(12): 1747-1778. Emerald Management Reviews Citation of Excellence Award.

Ritchie, W.J., Kolodinsky, R.W., & Eastwood, K. (2007). Does Executive Intuition Matter?: An Empirical Analysis of the Relationship with Nonprofit Organization Financial Performance. Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, 36(1): 140-155.

Bierly, P.E., & Kolodinsky, R.W. (2007): Towards a wisdom-based approach to strategic management.  In E.H. Kessler and J.R. Bailey (Eds.), Handbook of Organizational and Managerial Wisdom (pp. 61-88). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.

Kolodinsky, R.W. (2006). Wisdom and human resource management ethics: An initial discourse. In J. Deckop (Ed.), Human Resource Management Ethics (part of the business ethics series "Ethics in Practice;" pp. 47-69). Greenwich, CT: Information Age.

Ferris, G.R., Treadway, D.C., Kolodinsky, R.W., Hochwarter, W.A, Kacmar, C. J., Douglas, C., & Frink, D.D. (2005).  Development and validation of the political skill inventory.  Journal of Management, 31(1): 1-28. Most cited article in Journal of Management for the year 2005.

Kolodinsky, R.W., Hochwarter, W.A., & Ferris, G.R. (2004).  Nonlinearity in the relationship between political skill and job satisfaction and job tension: Convergent evidence from three studies. Journal of Vocational Behavior, 65 (2): 294-308.

Professional Experience:
Dr. Kolodinsky is a three-time small business owner and a small business founder. He has performed management roles in a variety of industries, including health care, computer software, and commercial real estate.