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We hope you had a great experience at the College of Business and hope you will join us in our efforts to educate the next generation of business professionals. Here are some ways you can help!

Student Involvement

Class Speakers: Share your experiences and story

Seek out and hire our graduates

Internships: Our students need brief, summer, or semester internship experiences

Tours: Bring our students into you workplace so they can see business in action

Program Involvement

There are many ways that you can help improve the overall Management program. You or your company could fund a classroom, faculty member, program, or endowment. You could provide educational resources and materials or participate in regular events. Your knowledge and skills are needed.

Alumni Information

We would love to know where you are living now, what work you are doing, what interests you have in getting involved as an alumni, and how we can reach you. Click on the link below to update us on your progress in life.


If you would like to get involved, contact Dr. Paula Daly at dalyps@jmu.edu or call 540-568-3038.

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