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What is a typical career path for an International Business major?

The International Business program prepares students for a career in international business or public service by developing foreign language fluency, cultural awareness and specialized international business skills. The major encompasses a broad scope of courses giving a student numerous choices of career paths upon graduation. It is not uncommon for an IBUS major to work in a business or government related field after receiving an undergraduate degree, and then continue his/ her education after gaining a few years of work experience.

Is it required to study abroad?

Yes. All International Business majors are required to spend the equivalent of a semester abroad. This requirement may be met by participation in a study abroad or exchange program, international work experience, internship or comprehensive research project. All of the options will require some proficiency in a second language. The minimum duration that the program is required to be is 7 weeks. Please note however, that you must obtain Dr. White's approval for your means of a study abroad program, PRIOR to the start of the program. Click Here to read more information on JMU Study Abroad programs.

Do I have to study abroad through a JMU program or do I have the option to go through another school?

You have the option to choose any program that you wish, as long as the program is located in a foreign language speaking country, and you have obtained Dr. White's approval for your means of a study abroad program PRIOR to the start of the program. Click Here to read more information on non-JMU Study Abroad programs.

What is the general structure of coursework required for an IBUS major?

Here is the break down of credit-hours for an International business major:

  Credit Hours
General Education Courses 40-43
B.B.A. Core Courses 44-45
International Business Major Requirements 27
Electives 5-9
Total 120

Students majoring in International Business must complete lower division B.B.A. curriculum prior to enrolling in upper-division core courses, normally taken in the first semester of the junior year. It is expected that lower-division core curriculum will be completed during the first two years of study along with all, or most, of the university general education curriculum. International business majors are encouraged to being elementary and intermediate foreign language study, as needed, during their freshmen and sophomore years. For more information on IBUS coursework, click on the appropriate link below.

General Education Curriculum

BBA Core Curriculum

IBUS Coursework and Concentrations

Where can I find applications or waiver forms that are required to study abroad?

You can either go to the Forms section on our main menu, or click here to go directly to the applications page.

Who is an advisor that I can speak with if I have any additional questions about the IBUS program?

Sharon Newman is the advisor from the Academic Services Center (ASC) who specializes in IBUS. The ASC is in Zane Showker Hall room 205 on the second floor, or you can e-mail Sharon with any questions at newmanse@jmu.edu.

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