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Careers in Finance

Careers in Finance

The B.B.A in Finance equips students with the tools to pursue an array of possible career paths. Historically, students have been placed in fields such as investment banking, consulting, finance analysis, and real estate. The B. S. in Quantitative finance prepares students  for careers in risk management, investment banking, consulting, analysis, and research.

The faculty realizes the importance of working with students to explore potential career choices and in job placement.The success students realize after graduation depends heavily on academic performance, whether the student completed an internship, and participation in student organizations. Students are encouraged to start their career planning early and take full advantage of the events sponsored by the Department, the College of Business, and the University. To view career opportunities for finance students, please visit the Course Catalog. 

Internships play an important role in introducing students to the work environment in a particular field, and students are strongly encouraged to obtain an internship. These positions are very competitive and students often vie for placement with students from other universities. Almost all internships in finance are paid internships.