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Internship program

The Finance Summer Internship Program is designed to connect what the students have learned in the classroom to the business environment. We believe that effective, application-oriented learning takes place simply by being part of a business. We try to "lever-up" on that experience by having the students keep a daily journal of their activities, interview top-level managers in the business, and complete a "mini-finance project" dealing with the business.  With these activities, Finance 494 attempts to reinforce the finance concepts students have learned and to extend these concepts through application in the business environment.

FIN 494 is designed for students to take during the summer between their Junior and Senior years. All applicants are required to meet the application deadline posted on the internship application and to have a cumulative GPA of 2.8 or higher to be considered for enrollment in the course. FIN 494 is for Finance majors only. Internship credit through this course will not be awarded during the Fall or Spring semesters in an academic year. A minimum requirement of 200-hours per internship must be met. Some internships will be with or without pay depending on the employers willingness and ability to compensate interns.

Potential internships will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the internship coordinator to determine whether or not credit will be awarded.  The application process is highly competitive. Once an internship is approved and qualifies for credit, students will be provided an override for Finance 494 to which they will register for during the Summer Session. Students will initially receive an "I" for the course. Upon returning in the Fall, students will submit their daily journals and a report. The internship supervisor will also submit an evaluation. Once grading is completed, the "I" will be changed to the appropriate grade earned by the student. 

All interested students need to download 2010 Internship Application, fill it out, and submit it along with a resume prior to the application deadline of May 1, 2010, to Professor Pamela Drake, 335 Showker.  Students should begin their search for a Summer 2010 internship during the Fall 2009 semester.