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Kristin Fink

Office: 323 Zane Showker Hall
Phone: 540-568-8740
Email: finkke@jmu.edu
Mailing address: JMU, College of Business, MSC 0203, Harrisonburg, VA 22807





Ph.D., M.A., University Of Virginia
B.S. Ohio State University

Current Courses Taught:
FIN360 Analytical Methods in Finance
FIN395 Mathematical Finance
FIN380 Derivatives

Key Publications:
Fink, Kristin, Jason Fink, Gustavo Grullon and James Weston (2010). "What Drove the Increase in Idiosyncratic Volatility During the Internet Boom?" (with Kristin Fink, Gustavo Grullon and James Weston) , Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, Vol. 45, pp. 1253-1278.

Fink, Kristin, Jason Fink and Allison Russell (2010). "When and How Do Tropical Storms Affect Markets? The Case of Refined Petroleum" Energy Economics, Vol. 32, pp. 1283 – 1290.

Fink, Jason, Fink, Kristin E., Albert, Michael (2008). "Adaptive Mesh Modeling and Barrier Option Pricing Under a Jump-Diffusion Process," Journal of Financial Research, Vol. 31 No. 4 (Winter) pp. 381-408.

Fink, Jason, and Kristin Fink, (2006). "Monte Carlo Simulation for Advanced Option Pricing: A Simplifying Approach" The Journal of Applied Finance 16 (Fall/Winter), pp. 92-105.

Fink, Jason, Kristin Fink, and James Weston (2006). "Competition on the Nasdaq and the Growth of Electronic Communication Networks," The Journal of Banking and Finance, Vol. 30, pp. 2537 - 2559.

Fink, Jason, Kristin Fink, and Stephen Lange (2005). "The Use of Treasury Yield Level Information in the Hedging of Mortgage-Backed Securities," The Journal of Futures Markets, Vol. 25, pp. 661 - 678

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