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College of Business - Finance - Capital Markets Lab


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The Capital Markets Laboratory

The Capital Markets Trading Laboratory is made possible by a generous gift from Enrico S. Gaglioti (JMU, Class of 1994).  


The Trading Lab will be located in Room 109, to immediate left as you enter the Zane Showker lobby.

Design, Software and Hardware

  • The Trading Lab has been designed for classroom, laboratory, and open use, and consists of:
  • Twenty-four computer stations, plus an instructor station, eleven of which will be Bloomberg stations.
  • Two 50” flat panel displays with cable news feeds and one 80” smart board.
  • Ticker in the lobby, above the entrance to the Trading Lab.
  • Software applications installed: SAS, Analytic Solver and Crystal Ball

Trading Lab Management

As feasible, we will schedule the following classes in the trading lab:

  • Principles of Investments (FIN371); required of all Finance and QFIN majors, as well as Economics majors with a Financial Economics concentration.
  • Advanced Investments (FIN471), Financial Modeling (FIN475), Derivatives (FIN380) as well as all QFIN seminars.
  • Spreadsheet Skills in Finance (FIN302) sections, which will use the databases unique to the Trading Lab.

Open Lab Management

  • Any JMU student who wants to use the Trading Lab will be required to complete specific training. 
  • Lab access is determined by the JAC card system for the list of students who have successfully completed training.
  • Finance majors who are in a class scheduled in the lab will receive training during the first week of class.
  • Students who have completed COB300 will be required to attend a Trading Lab-specific training class, and pass a brief test on the training.
  • Students who are non-business or who have not yet had COB300 will be required to have a one-hour markets and securities fundamentals training and then Trading Lab-specific training with a brief test on the latter.

To gain access to Capital Market Lab, you need to attend a training session and pass the lab quiz. For further information, please self-enroll to the Department Canvas Site.