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Dr. Susan W. Palocsay
Contact Info

JMU Faculty Fernando Pargas Professor of Computer Information Systems and Business Analytics

D.Sc., Operations Research, George Washington University, Washington, D.C., 1991
M.S., Operations Research, George Washington University, Washington, D.C., 1986
B.S., Mathematics, James Madison University, Harrisonburg, Virginia, 1982

Professional Interests:
Optimization and simulation modeling, statistical analysis, data mining, and business process design and improvement

Personal Interests:
Reading and dog training

Current Courses Taught:
BSAN/CIS 393 Predictive Analytics and Data Mining
COB 291 Introduction to Management Science
COB 191 Business Statistics

Key Publications:

Palocsay, S. W. and Markham, I. S.  “Management Science in Core Undergraduate Business Curricula.”  Journal of Education for Business, 89(2), 110-117, 2014. 

Falk, J. E., Anderson, L. B., and Palocsay, S.  “Allowing Abstentions in Ranking Methods with Generalized Ballots.” International Journal of Applied Management Science, 5(4), 322-339, 2013.

Stevens, S. P. and Palocsay, S. W. “Identifying Addressable Impediments to Student Learning in an Introductory Statistics Course.” INFORMS Transactions on Education,12(3), 124-139, 2012.

Palocsay, S. W., Markham, I. S., and Markham, S. E., "Utilizing and Teaching Data Tools in Excel for Exploratory Analysis." Journal of Business Research, 63(2), 191-206, 2010.

Henriksen, A. D. and Palocsay, S. W., "An Excel-based Tool for Scoring and Ranking Proposed R&D Projects." International Journal of Information Technology and Decision Making, 7(3), 529-546, 2008.

Palocsay, S. W. and Stevens, S. P., “A Study of Web-based Homework Effectiveness in Teaching Undergraduate Business Statistics.” Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education, 6(2), 205-224, 2008.

Markham, I. S. and Palocsay, S. W., “Scenario Analysis in Spreadsheets Using Excel’s Scenario Tool.” INFORMS Transactions on Education, 6(2), 23-31, 2006.

Brookshire, R. G. and Palocsay, S. W., “Factors Contributing to the Success of Undergraduate Business Students in Management Science Courses.” Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education, 3(1), 99-108, 2005.

Palocsay, S. W. Brookshire, R. G. and Stevens, S. P., “An Empirical Study of Posterior Probabilities from a Neural Network Classifier.” Neural Computing and Applications, 10, 48-55, 2001.

Kannan, V. R. and Palocsay, S. W., “Cellular versus Process Layouts: An Analytic Investigation of the Impact of Learning on Shop Performance.” Omega, International Journal of Management Science, 27, pp. 583-592, 1999.

Falk, Palocsay, Sacco, Copes, and Champion, “Bounds on a Trauma Outcome Function via Optimization.” Operations Research, 40, pp. S86-S95, January-February, 1992.

Positions Held:

Associate Editor for Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education, 2011-14

Secretary/Treasurer for INFORM-ED (Education) Forum of INFORMS, 2009-13.

Treasurer for the Women in OR/MS Forum of INFORMS, 2002-12.

Secretary for the Southeast Decision Sciences Institute, 2002-2003; 2008-2009.

President, JMU Chapter of the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi, 2004-2011.

JMU Dingledine Scholarship Panel, 2006-2013.