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Dr. Fariss Mousa
Contact Info

JMU Faculty Fariss MousaAssistant Professor of Management 


Ph.D., Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship, Washington State University, 2009

M.B.A, Washington State University, 2005

B.A., International business and Marketing, Washington State University, 2000

Current Courses Taught:
MGT 420 - Management of Technology and Innovation

MGT 601 - Management of Technology and innovation

COB 487 - Strategic Management

Key Publications:

Mousa, F.T. and Chowdhury, J. (2013). How does CEO Tenure and CEO Compensation influence the slack Innovation relationship? Journal of Business Economics and Management, forthcoming 2014.

Mousa F.T., Bierly P., and Wales W. “Comparing Internal and External IPO Risk Factors Influence on Investor Valuation and Long-term Survival”. Journal of Management and Organization, forthcoming 2014.

Liu, K; Arthurs, J.; Nam, D.; and Mousa, F.T. “Information diffusion and value redistribution among transaction partners of the IPO firm.” Strategic Management Journal, forthcoming 2014.

Mousa, F.T., Ritchie, W., Reed, R. (2013) “Addressing Equivocal CEO-Founder Performance Results: The Interaction Effects of CEO-Founder and Board Involvement on IPO Value”. Management Decision, forthcoming.

Mousa, F.T., Reed, R. (2013) “The Impact of Slack Resources on High-tech IPOs” Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, vol 37(5) forthcoming.

Mousa, F.T., Marlin, D., Ritchie, W. (2013) “Configurations of Slack and their Performance Implications: An Examination of High-Tech IPOs”. Management Decision, 51(2):225-247.

Wales, W., Gupta, V. K., Mousa, F.T. (2013) “Empirical Research on Entrepreneurial Orientation: An assessment and suggestions for future research.” International Small Business Journal, 31(4), 357-383.

Mousa, F.T.; Holly, K. (2013) “Dominion Resources Inc.” (A). Richard Ivey School of Business (IVEY): Ivey Publishing: London, Toronto, HongKong.

Mousa, F.T.; Holly, K (2013) “Dominion Resources Inc.” (B). Richard Ivey School of Business (IVEY): Ivey Publishing: London, Toronto, HongKong

Harper, S; Mousa, F.T. (2013) “Time-and-Motion Studies.” In Oxford Bibliographies in Management. Ed. Ricky Griffin. New York: Oxford University Press.

Mousa, F.T., Wales, W. (2012) “Founder Effectiveness in Leveraging Entrepreneurial Orientation”. Management Decision, vol 50(2): 305-324.

Simha, A., Mousa, F.T., & Kim, S.K. (2011) "Jack and Jill Fall down the Stress Filled Hill - An Integrative Management Educational Model to Prevent such Stressful Slides." African Journal of Business Management, vol. 5(19): 7945-7953.

Mousa, F. T. and Lemak, D. (2009). “The Gilbreth’s Quality System Stands the Test of Time,” Journal of Management History, vol. 15(2): 198-215.

Nam, D.; Arthurs, J. D.; Nielson, M; Mousa, F. T.; Liu Kun (2008). "Information disclosure and IPO valuation: What kinds of information matter and is more information always better?," Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research.   

Professional Memberships:

Academy of Management
Strategic Management Society

Irene M. McCarthy Award for the Best Paper on the Topic of High Technology , Babson Entrepreneurship Research Conference, 2008

Graduate Teaching Assistant at Washington State University, Pullman, WA.
Business Methods Analyst, The Boeing Company, Everett, WA.
Financial Representative, Northwestern Mutual Life Company, Seattle, WA. 

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