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Dr. Ina S. Markham
Contact Info

Ina MarkhamProfessor of Computer Information Systems and Business Analytics

Started at JMU: Fall 1995


Ph.D. Virginia Tech, 1992

    Major: Management Science

    Dissertation: An Exploration of the Robustness of Traditional Regression Analysis versus Analysis using Back-propagation Networks

    Minors: Industrial & Systems Engineering; Statistics

M.B.A. Virginia Tech, 1987

    Majors: Management Science and Finance

M.A. Kolkata University, Kolkata, India, 1980

    Major: Economics

B.A. Kolkata University, Kolkata, India, 1977

    Major: Economics (Honors)


Statistics, operations research techniques, and their applications in business.

Current Courses Taught:

COB 191 Business Statistics

COB 291 Introduction to Management Science

CIS/BSAN 364 Decision Support Systems

BSAN 392 Descriptive & Predictive Analytics

MBA 610 Quantitative Methods for Management

MBA 656 Business Process Management

Key Publications:

Markham, S.E., Smith, J.W., Markham, I.S., and Braekkan, K.F. “A new approach to analyzing the Achilles heel of multisource feedback programs: Can we really trust ratings of leaders at the group level of analysis?” Leadership Quarterly, 25, 2014, pp.1120-1142.

Markham, S.E., Markham, I.S., and Braekkan, K.F. “A Visual Illustration of Induction in Multilevel Methods: The Problem of Leaders Awarding Countervailing Merit Components.” Journal of Business & Psychology, 29(4), 2014, pp.503-518, DOI 10.1007/s10869-014-9352-y.

Palocsay, S.W., and Markham, I.S. “Management Science in U.S. AACSB International-Accredited Core Undergraduate Business School Curricula.” Journal of Education for Business, 89(2), 2014, pp. 110-117.

Markham, I.S. "Assessing the Prediction of Employee Productivity:  A Comparison of OLS vs. CART."   International Journal of Productivity and Quality Management, 8(3), 2011, pp.313-332.

Palocsay, S.W., Markham, I.S., and Markham, S.E. "Utilizing and Teaching Data Tools in Excel for Exploratory Analysis."  Journal of Business Research, 63(2), 2010, pp. 191-206.

Markham, I.S. and Palocsay, S.W. "Scenario Analysis in Spreadsheets with Excel's Scenario Tool." INFORMS Transactions on Education, 6( 2), 2006.

Markham, S.E., and Markham, I.S. "Biometeorological Effects on Worker Absenteeism." International Journal of Biometeorology, 49(5), 2005, pp. 317-324.

Wray, B.A., Markham, I.S., and Mathieu, R.G. "An Artificial Neural Network Approach to Learning from Factory Performance in a Kanban-based System" Journal of International Technology and Information Management, 12(2), 2003, pp. 85-98.

Mathieu, R.G., Wray, B.A., and Markham, I.S. "An Approach to Learning from both Good and Poor Factory Performance in a Kanban-based JIT Production System", Production Planning and Control,13(8),2002, pp.715-724.

Markham, I.S., Mathieu, R.G., and Wray, B.A. "A Rule Induction Approach for Determining the Number of Kanbans in a Just-In-Time Production System." Computers and Industrial Engineering, 34(4), 1998, pp. 717-727.

Markham, I.S., and Rakes, T.R., "The Effect of Size and Variability of Data on the Performance of Neural Networks and Regression." Computers and Operations Research, 25(4), 1998, pp. 251-263.

Markham, I.S. and Sumichrast, R.T. "A Genetic Algorithm Approach to Routing Delivery Vehicles with Multiple Sources, Destinations and Depots." Applications of Management Science: Engineering, 9, 1996, pp. 157-174.

Markham, I.S. and Ragsdale, C.T. "Combining Statistical Models and Neural Networks to Solve the Classification Problem in Discriminant Analysis." Decision Sciences, 26(2), March/April 1995, pp. 229-242.

Markham, S.E., and Markham, I.S. "Self-Management and Self-Leadership Re-examined: A Levels of Analysis Perspective." Leadership Quarterly, 6(3), 1995, pp. 343-359.

Positions Held:

Vice-President Professional Development, Decision Sciences Institute, 2015-2016

Editorial Board, International Journal of Productivity and Quality Management, 2005-present

At-Large Vice-President, Decision Sciences Institute, 2005-2007

Council member, Southeast DSI, 2004-present

President, Southeast DSI, 2002-2003

Council member, Southeast INFORMS, 2001-present

President, Southeast INFORMS, 1999--2001