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Dr. Scott R. Gallagher
Contact Info

JMU Faculty Scott Gallagher

Professor & Academic Unit Head in the Department of Management


Ph.D., Rutgers University, School of Management, Organization Management
Master in Public Policy, Harvard University, J.F.K. School of Government
B.B.A., University of Texas-Austin, College of Business Administration

Professional Interests:
Strategic Management, Technology and Innovation

Current Courses Taught:
COB 487 - Strategic Management

Key Publications:
Gallagher, Scott.  2012. “The Battle of the Blue Laser DVDs: The Significance of Corporate Strategy in Standards Battles.”  Technovation. 32: 90 - 98. (Winner 2013 Best Practitioner Paper Award)

Bierly, Paul, Scott Gallagher, and J.C. Spender. 2008.  “Innovation and Learning in High-Reliability Organizations: A Case Study of United States and Russian Nuclear Attack Submarines, 1970 – 2000.”  IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, 55(3), August, 393 - 408.

Bierly, Paul and Scott Gallagher. 2007. “Explaining Alliance Partner Selection: Fit, Trust and Strategic Expediency.” Long Range Planning. 40(2), April, 134 – 153. (Winner 2008 Best Practitioner Paper Award)

Gallagher, Scott. 2007. “The Complementary Role of Dominant Designs and Industry Standards.”  IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management. 52(2), May, 371 - 379.

West, Joel and Scott Gallagher.  2006 “Challenges of Open Innovation: The Paradox of Firm Investment in Open Source Software.”  R&D Management, 36(3). 319 - 331.

Gallagher, Scott. (2005) "A Strategic Response to the Friedman Critique in Business Ethics."  Journal of Business Strategy, 26(6): 655-660.

Park, Seung-Ho, Rodger Chen, and Scott Gallagher. 2002.  "Firm Resources as Moderators of the Relationship Between Market Growth and Strategic Alliances in Semiconductor Start-Ups." Academy of Management Journal, 45(3): 527-545.  (Winner 2004 Best Academic Paper Award)

Gallagher, Scott and Seung-Ho Park. 2002.  "Innovation and Competition in Standard-Based Industries: A Historical Analysis of the U.S. Home Video Game Market." IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, 49(1): 67-82.

Positions Held:
Voted by students CoB Outstanding Professor 2009
CoB Distinguished Professor Award 2008
Madison Teaching Fellow 2006-2007
Editorial Board, Journal of Business Strategies
Assistant to the Chancellor, Lamar University, 1991-1994

Campus and Community Involvement:
Management Department Head 2010 to present
Board of Directors of Harrisonburg Redevelopment and Housing Authourity 2011 to present

Faculty Marshall 2010-2011
Madison Scholar for the College of Business 2010-2011
JMU Faculty Senate 2005-08 & 2009-2011
University Safety Committee


  • February 2014

    The late Dr. Paul E. Bierly III (Professor Emeritus, Management), Dr. Scott R. Gallagher (Head and Professor, Management; Professor, International Business) and J.-C. Spender of the Leeds University Business School wrote “Innovation decision making in high-risk organizations: A comparison of the US and Soviet attack submarine programs,” which was published in Industrial and Corporate Change by Oxford University Press in January 2014.