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Dr. Scott R. Gallagher
Contact Info

JMU Faculty Scott Gallagher

Professor of Management


Ph.D., Rutgers University, School of Management, Organization Management
Master in Public Policy, Harvard University, J.F.K. School of Government
B.B.A., University of Texas-Austin, College of Business Administration

Professional Interests:
Strategic Management, Technology and Innovation

Current Courses Taught:
COB 487 - Strategic Management

Key Publications:
Gallagher, Scott.  2012. “The Battle of the Blue Laser DVDs: The Significance of Corporate Strategy in Standards Battles.”  Technovation. 32: 90 - 98. (Winner 2013 Best Practitioner Paper Award)

Bierly, Paul, Scott Gallagher, and J.C. Spender. 2008.  “Innovation and Learning in High-Reliability Organizations: A Case Study of United States and Russian Nuclear Attack Submarines, 1970 – 2000.”  IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, 55(3), August, 393 - 408.

Bierly, Paul and Scott Gallagher. 2007. “Explaining Alliance Partner Selection: Fit, Trust and Strategic Expediency.” Long Range Planning. 40(2), April, 134 – 153. (Winner 2008 Best Practitioner Paper Award)

Gallagher, Scott. 2007. “The Complementary Role of Dominant Designs and Industry Standards.”  IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management. 52(2), May, 371 - 379.

West, Joel and Scott Gallagher.  2006 “Challenges of Open Innovation: The Paradox of Firm Investment in Open Source Software.”  R&D Management, 36(3). 319 - 331.

Gallagher, Scott. (2005) "A Strategic Response to the Friedman Critique in Business Ethics."  Journal of Business Strategy, 26(6): 655-660.

Park, Seung-Ho, Rodger Chen, and Scott Gallagher. 2002.  "Firm Resources as Moderators of the Relationship Between Market Growth and Strategic Alliances in Semiconductor Start-Ups." Academy of Management Journal, 45(3): 527-545.  (Winner 2004 Best Academic Paper Award)

Gallagher, Scott and Seung-Ho Park. 2002.  "Innovation and Competition in Standard-Based Industries: A Historical Analysis of the U.S. Home Video Game Market." IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, 49(1): 67-82.

Positions Held:
Voted by students CoB Outstanding Professor 2009
CoB Distinguished Professor Award 2008
Madison Teaching Fellow 2006-2007
Editorial Board, Journal of Business Strategies
Assistant to the Chancellor, Lamar University, 1991-1994

Campus and Community Involvement:
Management Department Head 2010 to 2015
Board of Directors of Harrisonburg Redevelopment and Housing Authourity 2011 to present

Faculty Marshall 2010-2011
Madison Scholar for the College of Business 2010-2011
JMU Faculty Senate 2005-08 & 2009-2011
University Safety Committee


  • February 2014

    The late Dr. Paul E. Bierly III (Professor Emeritus, Management), Dr. Scott R. Gallagher (Head and Professor, Management; Professor, International Business) and J.-C. Spender of the Leeds University Business School wrote “Innovation decision making in high-risk organizations: A comparison of the US and Soviet attack submarine programs,” which was published in Industrial and Corporate Change by Oxford University Press in January 2014.