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Marketing Cases               

Affirmative Action vs. Client Wishes - Advertising and marketing management ; [Case Notes]

Inside Information - Bidding process irregularities ; [Case Notes]

Marketing "Primo" in Rohanda - Black-market activity ; [Case Notes]

Incredible shrinking potator chip package - Cost vs. pricee vs. value ; [Case Notes]

The Competitve and combative Toilet Tissue Campaign - Critical ad of competitor ; [Case Notes]

The Nonuser Celebrity Endorser - Deceptive advertising ; [Case Notes]

Justifying Price Increases - Marketing research ; [Case Notes]

Another Type of Discrimination - Marketing management ; [Case Notes]

Falsification of Data - Marketing resesarch ; [Case Notes]

Lottery Mania - Marketing Management ; [Case Notes]

Heaven Help Her - Negotiations ; [Case Notes]

Cosmetic Applications - Package labeling ; [Case Notes]

Life Insurance - Who benefits, the consumer or the company? ; [Case Notes]

The Speedy Sale - Unethical sales presentation techniques ; [Case Notes]

Inside Info - Use of proprietary information ; [Case Notes]

Elite Furniture - Using inferior materials ; [Case Notes]

The Jury Selection - Unethical uses of data ; [Case Notes]

I SPY:  A Case of Competitive Espionage - Marketing intelligence ; [Case Notes]

The Focus Group - Marketing research ; [Case Notes]

Green Earth - Price vs. Value ; [Case Notes]

Robbing Peter to Pay...Peter - Under the counter sales ; [Case Notes]

The nonanonymous Survey - violating privacy ; [Case Notes]

Washing Dirty Laundry - Advertising ; [Case Notes]

Green Acres Promotions - Advertising sales promotions ; [Case Notes]

I-Warn-Ya Ammonia - Product liability ; [Case Notes]

Thompson Security Systems - Unethical sales presentations ; [Case Notes]

The Too-Small Sample - Distortion/falsification of data ; [Case Notes]