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Spring 2013 Registration

From:  "Ehsan Ahmed" <ahmedex@jmu.edu>
Subject:  Important Note to ECON Majors and Minors regarding spring 2013 registration.

Spring 2013 schedule of Economics courses is now posted at http://www.jmu.edu/cob/economics/spring2013schedule.shtml. Please note that semesters mentioned in the catalog for certain courses are not guaranteed.  We have to adjust certain offerings subject to faculty availability and demand for various electives.  We guarantee two Sections of ECON 331-332-385 in the fall and spring semesters, but various electives are rotated between fall and spring.  We also guarantee at least one section of 488 each semester.  Two sections of 488 are being offered in spring 2013.  Students who are not required to take 488 can take it as an economics elective, subject to seats availability.

ECON MAJORS:  All those who are just starting their ECON major (especially freshmen and sophomores pursuing BA or BS degrees):  If you are done with GECON 200 and ECON 201, you must finish your MATH 205 (preferably higher math, i.e., 235) and MATH 220/COB 191 during your first year.  If you are already done with these courses, your top priority should be to take ECON 331-332-385.  You must not postpone those courses until your Junior or Senior year. Postponing those courses will make it difficult for you to graduate on time.  Students pursuing a BBA with economics as a major must wait until they are admitted to COB 300 to take their ECON 331-332-385 sequence.

ECON MINORS:  Your total credit requirement is 18 hours (6 courses).  These include GECON 200 and ECON 201.  You need at least two of these six courses at the 300 level or higher. However, your 300 level courses do not have to be ECON 331-332 or 385.  Due to limited seats in these classes, minors in economics will not be allowed to enroll in ECON 331-332-385 during early registration, except QFIN majors.  If seats are available after the ECON/QFIN majors have registered, then minors will be offered registration in to 331-332-385, if they meet the pre-requisites for these classes.  If you have any questions before or during registration, do not hesitate to contact me or stop by my office during office hours.  My office hours are posted at http://www.jmu.edu/economics

ECON 430, MONETARY THEORY:  One section of ECON 430 is being offered during spring 2013.  Those who are required to take ECON 430 for their financial economics concentration should plan accordingly.

ECON 488, CAPSTONE CLASS:  If your catalog (2008-09 and later) requires ECON 488 (and you were not exempted), you should be able to take the class in the spring of 2013.  You will be notified about the assessment activities through this course.  If you entered JMU prior to 2008-09, you are not required to take ECON 488.  However, you must register for ECON 401 (see below).  These students may be allowed to take 488 as an elective subject to space availability.

ECON 401, SENIOR ASSESSMENT:  If you are not required to take 488, you must enroll in ECON 401 during the semester you expect to graduate.  Therefore, all students planning on graduating in May 2013 should be enrolled in ECON 401 for spring 2012.  It is a zero credit (zero cost, also), but you **must** formally enroll in this "course" through e-campus. If you need a signature, please see Dr. Ahmed.  You cannot enroll in ECON 401 "early," that is, all spring 2013 graduates must enroll in ECON 401 during spring 2013 registration.  After you have registered for ECON 401, you will receive instructions about assessment exams and/or exit interviews from Dr. Joanne Doyle.  Her contact information is given below:
Dr. Joanne Doyle
ZSH 416