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Where Our Majors Go

Because the study of economics emphasizes analytical and critical thinking, students majoring in this discipline enjoy a wide variety of potential career paths in both the private and public sectors. Recent graduates with majors in economics have obtained entry-level jobs with * Accenture (formerly Andersen Consulting)

* United Savings Bank

* Bell Atlantic

* Department of Agriculture

* American Computer Company

* Burlington Industries

* Prudential Insurance

* First Virginia Bank

* Philip Morris

* Johns Hopkins University

* Russell Athletics

* Federal Reserve System

* Justice Department

* Pentagon Credit Union

* Chevy Chase Federal Savings Bank

* Price Waterhouse

* Office of Technology Assessment

* AT&T

* Naval Center for Cost Analysis

* Electronic Data Systems

* Boeing Computer Services

* American Trucking Association

* U.S. Senator Staff

* Department of Labor

* Crown Petroleum

* Steak and Ale

* Mutual Benefit Corporation

A degree in economics also prepares students for graduate studies in a number of areas including economics, law, business administration, public policy and international relations. Some recent graduates are enrolled in Ph.D. programs at the University of Michigan, Johns Hopkins University, and the University of California at Davis. Other majors have recently graduated with a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Virginia, University of Maryland, Cornell University, Boston College, University of Texas, and Virginia Tech. Still others of our graduates are enrolled, or have recently completed their degree studies in law, economics (master's level) and business administration at the University of Michigan, University of Illinois, Miami University, Lehigh University, Pennsylvania State University, Michigan State University, Georgetown University, and University of Maryland.