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Course Approval Form

Economics Independent Course Approval Form

The student may take the completed form, with the signature of the Faculty Sponsor, to the Economics Department's Senior Support Staff in ZSH 433 to obtain the Department Head's signature.  A copy of the form will be given to the student to take to the Academic Services Center, 2nd floor, ZSH 205, for the Permission Number to be entered.  The student must register for the class.

If the student is away from JMU, download the form, complete the information, and email it as an attachment to the faculty advisor who will be issuing your grade.  Or, you may fax the completed form to the Economics Department, attention your faculty sponsor. 


Carrie Sensabaugh
Senior Support Staff
4th Floor Work Center, ZSH 433
MSC 0204
421 Bluestone Drive
540-568-3216 phone
540-568-3010 fax