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and Major Planning


What to Do and When to Do It

Before Junior Year

  • Take basic courses in microeconomics and macroeconomics to determine your level of interest and possible areas for further study.

Junior Year

  • Consider an internship. You will be receiving notification about internship possibilities and the Internship Fair. You may want to contact the economics internship coordinator, Dr. Bruce Brunton, or the College of Business Academic Services Center, about internship opportunities.

Beginning of Senior Year

  • Prepare a resume and plan a job search in consultation with JMU Career Services and economics faculty.

Fall Semester, Senior Year

  • Check interview schedules on a regular basis and sign up for appropriate interviews.
  • Send your resume off-campus to selected employers, particularly those who have hired JMU students before.
  • Take graduate admissions tests (GRE or GMAT, for example) if you are considering graduate school.

Spring Semester, Senior Year

  • Continue to check interview schedules.
  • Update your resume.
  • Follow up on interviews.
  • Notify the economics department when you accept a job offer, so we can help you celebrate!