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Minor in Economics

A minor in Economics is open to all students at JMU.  The minimum requirement for a minor in Economics is 18 credit hours in Economics, including ECON 201 - Principles of Economics (Micro), GECON 200 - Introduction to Macroeconomics, and at least six credit hours of either 300 or 400 level Economics courses.  Students may not receive credit toward the minor in Economics for both ECON 270 and ECON 370.

To declare an Economics minor, please bring the Change or Declaration of Major/Minor form to Dr. Ehsan Ahmed, Zane Showker Hall, Room 434 to discuss the minor requirements and classes.  You must have sufficient time before your expected date of graduation to finish your course requirements (18 credits of Economics, six of those credits must be 300 level or higher) for an Economics minor.