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Alumni Message Board

If you are a graduate of CIS or any of its forerunners (MIS, Information Technology, Data Processing), we'd like to know what you're up to. Just fill out the online form and your information will be posted on our Alumni Message Board. (Once reviewed and approved). If, after submitting, there is something you'd like to change on your posting, please contact Dr. Rick Mathieu at mathierg@jmu.edu. We look forward to hearing from you.

CIS/MIS/DP Alumni - Get Connected!

There are currently over 3,100 alumni from the James Madison University computer information systems, management information systems and data processing programs. CIS/MIS/DP alumni are encouraged to expand their professional network by:

If you are a member of LinkedIn, click the links above, log in and request to join the Alumni groups.  If you are not a member of LinkedIn: Click the link above, click "Join LinkedIn now" and follow the steps to register for LinkedIn. Once you have registered, a group request will be sent to join the Alumni groups.

In addition, CIS/MIS alumni are encouraged to become active in the JMU Alumni Association by:

  1. Registering for the JMU Alumni Association Online Community
  2. Subscribing to JMUAA's monthly e-newsletter, Brightening the Lights
  3. Reading the Madison magazine
  4. Purchasing a JMU license plate
  5. Joining your local alumni group
  6. Coming back to JMU for homecoming and your class reunions
  7. Continuing your education with JMU's Continuing Education Outreach Programs

James Madison University - Technology Alumni Group (TAG)

The success of JMU's graduates in the technology field has led to the formation of TAG (Technology Alumni Group) and this innovative Business Web. We are encouraging alumni, employers and interested parties to sign up and participate in the business web. We hope to create a place where everyone can gather electronically and share ideas, information and knowledge