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About CIS & BSAN

Faculty in the Department of Computer Information Systems & Business Analytics maintain a current and relevant curricula focused on information systems and analytical problem solving in a business context within the Computer Information Systems major, the Computer Information Systems minor, and the Business Analytics minor.

In addition, they support other programs in the College of Business and the university by providing undergraduate and graduate courses in information systems, statistics, quantitative analysis, and operations and supply chain management.

About Computer Information Systems (CIS)

For over twenty-five years the undergraduate Computer Information Systems (CIS) program at James Madison University has successfully prepared young people for careers in IT management. CIS graduates are thriving in senior and mid-level management positions built on a foundation of solid technical skills, integrative business knowledge, and a professional network of loyal JMU alumni.  The Computer Information Systems (CIS) curriculum is designed to prepare business students for careers as information systems professionals. 

Facts about CIS at James Madison University
  • Number of students enrolled in the CIS Major (Spring 2012): 391 undergraduates
  • Number of students enrolled in the CIS Minor (Spring 2012): 99 undergraduates
  • Number of students enrolled in the BSAN Minor (Spring 2012): 32 undergraduates
  • Number of students with a CIS Major graduating in December 2011 and May 2012: 86
  • Program Accreditation: ABET – IS program accreditation; AACSB – College of Business accreditation
  • Number of Employers looking for CIS graduates – 2010/2011 JMU Career Fairs: 42
  • Largest employers (Fall 2011 and Spring 2012): Deloitte, KPMG, Capital One, CGI, Freddie Mac, Accenture,  PriceWaterhouseCoopers, CGI, IBM, Acccenture
  • Number of Employers looking for CIS interns – 2011 JMU Spring Internship Fair: 22
  • Technology Alliances for CIS Students: Microsoft Developer Network Academic Alliance (MSDNAA), Oracle Academic Alliance (OAA), Red Hat Enterprise Linux Academic Server Subscription
Highlighted CIS Elective Courses:
  • Information Technology Consulting
  • Computer Security Management
  • Network Defense and Analysis
  • Business Intelligence
  • Business Process Management
  • Decision Support Systems
  • IS Project Management
  • Web Design
  • Mobile Computing

About Business Analytics (BSAN)

Business analytics is concerned with developing and applying models and concepts that may prove useful in helping to illuminate management issues and solve managerial problems.  The range of problems and issues to which business analytics has contributed insights and solutions is vast.   This goal is achieved through an exploration of problems from the application areas of management, marketing, finance, and operations, such as the following.

demand and sales forecasting new product development
financial planning production planning
staff scheduling advertising strategy
resource allocation risk analysis
process design

The business analytics minor at JMU prepares students to solve complex decision problems in a business environment with a combination of quantitative skills and hands-on expertise using current software applications.