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Industry Partners

Thanks to our Industry Partners, whose generous funding helps to support the initiatives of Computer Information Systems and Business Analytics program. Our Industry Partners and Premier Industry Partners make financial contributions to support the the following key CIS priorities: (1) Student Excellence, (2) IT Consulting Excellence, (3) our CIS Lab, (4) Diversity and Outreach, and (5) Curriculum Innovation. Their generosity helps us achieve our mission to bring the best education possible to students who concentrate in CIS or Business Analytics. Click here to learn how your company can become a  CIS Industry Partner.

Deloitte Consulting generously supports IT Consulting Excellence.

Capital One generously supports Information Security Curriculum Innovation.
Omniplex World Services generously supports Diversity and Outreach, especially our award-winning Cyber City Summer Program.

Claraview generously supports our Student Excellence initiatives in Business Intelligence.

CapTech generously supports the CIS program's various initiatives.


A special thanks to Kevin Jacokes (CIS-2011)and his mother Patricia Anderson, whose generous donation supports Curriculum Innovation in the area of Emerging Technologies.




 Along with our Industry Partners, the following companies also donate time and/or money to the CIS and Business Analytics Department.