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For CIS & BSAN Students

BSAN Minor

Advisor: Ms. Katrina Spickler ( 

Business analytics is a technical approach to analyzing problems and making business-related decisions. It uses statistical methods, management science techniques, and mathematical modeling to forecast the implications of various choices and identify the best alternatives. Business analytics focuses on the effective use of data and information to provide fact-based insights and drive positive business actions. The minor in business analytics prepares students to solve complex decision problems ina business environment with a combination of quantitative skills and hands-on expertise using current software applications. The program is open to any undergraduate with an interest in business analytics. The minor consists of twelve credit hours of required course work and six credit hours of business analytics electives. At most three courses can be used to satisfy both the business analytics minor and a student’s major requirements.

To keep track of the courses you need for the MS minor, download the BSAN Minor Checklist

Required Courses Credit Hours
Choose one of the following statistics courses:
  COB 191. Business and Economic Statistics
  MATH 220. Elementary Statistics
  MATH 285. Data Analysis
  MATH 318. Introduction to Probability and Statistics


COB 291. Introduction to Management Science


BSAN 391. Quantitative Business Modeling


BSAN 392. Descriptive & Predictive Analytic Methods


CIS/BSAN 393. Predictive Analytics and Data Mining 3
Electives - choose one of the following: 3
CIS 463. Business Intelligence  
CS/ISAT 344. Intelligent Systems  
ECON 385. Econometrics  
FIN 475. Financial Modeling and Risk Analysis  
MATH 322. Applied Linear Regression  
Total Credits


COB 191 and MATH 205 or equivalent are prerequisites for COB 291. A grade of "B-" or higher in COB 291 or equivalent and junior or senior standing are prerequisites for taking the subsequent required courses (BSAN 391, BSAN 392, and CIS/BSAN 393) in the business analytics minor.