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Recent Ethical Leadership Speakers


Hannah Davis  *November 19, 2013: HANNAH DAVIS, Founder and President of Bangs Shoes aims to
  demonstrate a new model of corporate philanthropy that sparks a new socially
  responsible edge for the future of retail. The Bangs method is to integrate fundraising
  for non-profit organizations into a for-profit business model. The Bangs mission is to
  “Stand on issues to help others stand on their own”. Every aspect of Bangs, from the
  name (Bang-zhu in Mandarin means “to help”), to the revenue model, to even the
  design of the shoes emanates this mentality.

 Watch Hannah Davis's talk titled, "Social Impact with a Bang: How to create a Social Enterprise"

Cynthia Cooper  * November 13, 2013: CYNTHIA COOPER is an internationally recognized speaker, best-selling
  author and consultant. Cynthia was named one of Time Magazine’s Persons of the Year. She
  was also featured as one of twenty-five influential working mothers in Working Mother
  magazine. Cynthia was the first woman to be inducted into the AICPA Hall of Fame and to
  receive the American Accounting Association’s Accounting Exemplar Award. In addition,
  Cynthia is a recipient, along with Senator Sarbanes and Representative Oxley, of the Maria &
  Sidney E. Rolfe Award for contributions to educating the public about economics, business and
  finance.  While serving as Vice President of Internal Audit at WorldCom, Ms. Cooper and her team unraveled a $3.8 billion fraud, one of the largest in history. Her act of moral courage helped directly influence the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, which has been called, “…the most far-reaching reforms of American business practices since the time of Franklin D. Roosevelt.”

Chuck Snyder Presentation  * October 28, 2013: CHUCK SNYDER, Pesident and Chief Eexecutive Officer of National
  Cooperative Bank, joined NCB back in 1983 as a corporate Vice President and Chief
  Financial Officer. Previously, Mr. Snyder was controller of Temporaries, Inc., and he
  worked as a certified public accountant with the firm of Matthews, Carter and Boyce. 
  Mr. Snyder earned his undergraduate degree from James Madison University and
  received his masters of business administration from George Washington University. 
  Watch Chucks talk titled, "A Banker's Musings: On Ethics, the 2008 Financial Crisis, & 
on running a Cooperative Bank

* October 7, 2013: DOUG MORAN, Bestselling and award-winning author, has more than twenty-five years of leadership experience working in a variety of industries. He has worked for Verizon and Capital One (where he was CIO of the financial services division), and served the governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia as deputy secretary of health and human resources, chief operating officer of the department of social services, and telecommunications director.  Doug's leadership consultancy, If You Will Lead LLC, focuses on leadership development, executive coaching, organization excellence, and infrastructure strategy. His combination of corporate, government, and voluteer leadership experience gives him a unique perspective on leadership challenges in all of these different fields.

Baker Nicholaou* April 19, 2013: M. BAKER NICHOLAOU ('08) had an interactive Skype discussion pertaining to social enterprise in Nicaragua. Baker is a co-founder of Bicimaximo, a bike rental and tour company in Granada Nicaragua. To learn about how Bicimaximo helps the Granada community, watch this short video ( or check out their website (