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Society of Entrepreneurs

Mission Statement

To connect and educate passionate, creative visionaries and spread the entrepreneurial spirit so that innovative ventures may be brought to life.


The JMU Society of Entrepreneurs brings James Madison University entrepreneurially minded students together. In the organization we educate each other and the JMU community on topics of interest, support each other with new ventures, and reach out to entrepreneurs in the community to help them and learn from them. The society also hosts speakers and events to educate the JMU community about different topics based around entrepreneurship. The club was launched in 2011 and became a recognized organization by JMU in spring of 2012.  To be a part of regularly scheduled meetings, students must apply, be interviewed, and accepted into the organization. After going through a process to learn the fundamentals of startups, they will become an official member of the society.

Members 2013-2014 Academic Year 

Abdul Khan Chris Ashley Griffin Harrington Mark Fries
Alex Hogge Chris Bell Hailey Fleming Matthew Smith
Alex Morgan Christopher Mao Hayden Hughes Mike Chawaga
Aman Dar Collier Apgar Hyler Fortier Miranda Essig
Amanda Presgraves Connor Feroce Jack O'Neill Mitch Huber
Andrew Carlone Corey Davis Jackson Snarr Pamela Sanchez Ycaza
Andrew Cooper Dan Hunt James Keagy Ryan Lee
Andrew Mortillio Daniel Giuntini Jason Welsford Ryan Sompayrac
Andrew Saleeb Derek Weinstein Jasur Tarancci Abdullin Sam Auch
Arian Shahbazi Doug Dragon Joe Andrade Timothy Mulligan
Ashik Banjade Drew McClenahan John Nugent Tory Zehnder
Bartlett Jones Emmanuel Suarez Johnathan Kim Yosyp Schwab
Ben Stout Eric Cullinane Josh Gordon Zackary Jackson
Bill Shuey Eric Walisko Joshua Feshari Zerubabbel Tessema
Brandon Cobb Genevieve D'Antonio Kyle Hall
Cameron Young Greg Sheneman Laura Dobbs

If you have questions, would like more information about the SOE, or on for instructions on how to apply, please email