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Madison Consulting

Seeking a fresh perspective? Collaborate with a faculty-led, project team of seniors representing majors in accounting, computer information systems, economics, finance, management, marketing and international business.

About the Program

JMU College of Business majors work collaboratively in project teams to solve pressing business problems encountered in today's marketplace.  Students gain consulting experience and organizations get a fresh perspective and effective solutions to business problems.

High-profile projects are selected based on the scope, complexity, and social/economic impact of the proposal.  A business professional and faculty member oversee the execution of each project completed by a 3-4 student consulting team.  Students complete 1-2 projects and gain practical, consulting experience.  Participating organizations receive a written and oral report of the business solution. 

Consultants 2012-2013

Project Leaders Faculty Advisory Student Consultants

Coordinator:  Carol Hamilton, Director, Center for Entrepreneurship

Senior Consultant: Jon Craver, Partner, Accenture (retired)

Client: Center for Entrepreneurship

Project: Pending

Dr. Bruce Brunton, Economics

Dr. Sandy Cereola, Accounting

Dr. Tom Dillon, Computer Info Systems

Mr. Mark Graham, Finance

Ms. Christine Roeder, Management

Ms. Rebecca Simmons, Computer Information Systems

Dr. Mert Tokman, Marketing

Apply to be a Student Consultant

Member Requirements

  • College of Business Major
  • Junior/Senior standing
  • Minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA
  • Must have completed COB 300
  • Flexible schedule, averaging 80 hours over two semesters. Hours will vary based on client needs.
  • Demonstrated team, technical and interpersonal skills in previous coursework and employment.

Admission Requirements

  1. Application
  2. Resume & transcript
  3. Cover letter addressing why s/he wants to participate and how does s/he expect to contribute
  4. Faculty Recommendations (2)

Student Benefits

  1. Gain valuable hands-on experience and training in consulting practices.
  2. Potentially receive scholarship dollars based on the client’s contribution.
  3. Improve career/job options by listing completed projects on resume.

Students who are selected for admission will be invited to interview with the project lead and participating faculty and/or business mentor.  We are seeking well-balanced teams in skill sets, experience and diversity of perspectives.

To apply, complete an application!  2013-2014 academic year application period closes Monday, April 15, 2013.

Project Partners

Madison Consulting seeks to collaborate with organizations to provide a learning experience for students and a business solution for the organization.

The participating organization must provide relevant information for successful completion of the project and be accessible to answer questions throughout the length of the project.  We also ask organizations to provide feedback on project work and student performance throughout the project.

  • High profile projects
  • Project timeframe within an academic year (September – April)
  • Short-term or long-term projects (2 – 6 month duration)
  • Vary the length, complexity, required skills, and hours of projects to provide a strong portfolio for students’ resumes.
  • Minimum of 2 projects per year

Consulting services are provided for $1,000 per project.

If your organization has a project that fits the Project Partner requirements, send an e-mail to Carol Hamilton at