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Fallon Scholarship 

DEADLINE: April 2015

Fallon familyRodney J. Fallon, the beloved father of three JMU College of Business students, had a passion for innovating and creating new and exciting business ideas.  He always had a beautiful smile on his face, an infectious sense of humor and a positive outlook for the day.  He lived each day inspired by God and Jesus and excitedly embraced every minute he shared with his family.  In addition to starting several profitable businesses, Rod applied his enthusiasm and entrepreneurial spirit to raising his family and coaching the youth in the community.  Rod loved everything about JMU! He regularly visited his children there and enjoyed walking the Quad, eating at Top Dog and looking at the rocks and minerals in the Mineral Museum on campus. 

To honor Rodney Fallon, who passed away in September 2011, his family created this scholarship to help a deserving JMU student in good standing.  We want to recognize and support a JMU undergraduate student of high morals, strong character and good academic standing who is pursuing an exciting and viable entrepreneurial endeavor.


To compete for the scholarship, a student must submit a creative, innovative, interesting, viable and exciting business plan. The winner of the Rodney J. Fallon Scholarship will be recognized at the JMU College of Business End-of-Year Awards Banquet and attend the JMU College of Business Scholarship Recipient and Donor Dinner. To apply, a student must submit his/her business plan (in whatever format you would like), one letter of recommendation, a current resume, and a recent transcript.  The minimum GPA of 3.0 is required.  A detailed list of the necessary documents is below:


  1. Completed Application
  2. Resume
  3. Personal Statement - Why are you a good reflection of Rodney Fallon's values of loyalty, honesty, creativity and hard work? How have these values shaped your entrepreneurial spirit?
  4. Business Plan - Submit whatever format you choose to tell your story.
  5. Character Reference
  6. Unofficial Transcript 

*Deadline: April 12, 2015 by midnight


Special thanks to Meredythe Fallon (MGT'12) for giving back to JMU!  If you would like to contribute to this ongoing scholarship, please remit to JMU Foundation, JMU MSC 0205, Harrisonburg, Va., CFE/Fallon Scholarship in the notation.

Apply Now! Submit your application and supporting materials to the Center for Entrepreneurship at

If you have any questions, please contact Carol Hamilton at